What is Erosion?

Erosion is when wind, water, or other natural agent wears away at rock and takes it to a new place. This take millions of years to happen. As the wind or water etches away at the rock, the pieces of soil or rock that come off get carried to someplace new. Erosion can cause damage when homes are built on cliffs. Erosion can tear apart the cliff and damage the homes. Erosion creates some of the beautiful landforms we see today.

What Landforms Can Erosion Make?

Erosion can make many landforms. It can make canyons, when a river wears away rock as it flows. Erosion can also make wild and wacky shapes. Arches are formed when wind or water erodes the rock to for an arch shape. Erosion also creates odd shapes like a skull. This skull-shaped rock can be found in Joshua Tree National Park in California. Erosion can also make land shorter. As stream or rivers flow, they can wear away land and put it in the ocean. This is what erosion can do.