These are activities that go along with each episode.

Telescopes Worksheet! Activity

Hot and Cold Water Density Ocean Currents! Experiment

How Did The Moon Form? Activity

Draw The Surface of Europa!

Hearing Sounds Underwater! Activity

Mixing Colored Lights Activity!

Make Your Own Craters! Activity

Auroras – Labelling Worksheet Activity

Life Cycle of a Star Worksheet

Fruit Color Scavenger Hunt!

What Gets Hotter First? Color Experiment!

At-Home Solar Eclipse! Activity

Separate Marker Colors Activity!

Draw a Fire Triangle! Activity

Soap Molecule Drawing!

Absolute Zero Diagram! Activity

Memory Mind Map!

Evolution Souvenir Scavenger Hunt Activity

Earth Orbit Model

Will It Snow? Activity

Tsunami Poster

Diagram the Water Cycle

Be a Botanist!

Why There Are Seasons Worksheet

Mummify an Apple!

Find a Maple Tree!

Bird Photographer Activity!

Diamond Molecular Structure Model

Supernova Demo!

Shooting Stars in a Jar

Hot and Cold Water Density (Hurricane Warm Water Demonstration)

Biomes Poster Activity

Find Physical and Chemical Changes Around You!

Saltwater vs. Freshwater Density Experiment!

Clean Up Plastic – Poster Challenge!

Draw Your Own Food Chain

The Onion’s Reason for Defense Discovery Quest

Hide Your Chameleon!

Make Glow-In-The-Dark Water!

Life-Size Blue Whale Drawing!

Tardigrade Survival Discovery Quest

Model The Formation of a Black Hole!

Glide Like A Flying Fish!

Concrete All Around You!

The Hummingbird Wing Flap Challenge!

Draw a Speaker Diagram!

Observe the Moon’s Phases!

Auroras on Other Planets Discovery Quest

Coral Reef Animals Art

Earth Supporting Life Checklist

DNA Worksheet

Draw the Carbon Cycle

Draw the Digestive System

Cellular Respiration Worksheet

Cell Cycle Diagram

What Causes Allergies Poster!

Peregrine Falcon Suit Drawing!

Owl Superpower List!

Speedy Adaptations Chart!

Bubble Trouble! Compare Bubbles!

Draw Pictures of the Asteroid Belt!

Heat Transfer Examples Worksheet

Plants’ Secret Sense: Growing Up!

Solar and Lunar Eclipse Model!

Baseball vs. Basketball! A Gravity Demonstration

Edible Solar System Model!

Taste Test!

Mountain Formation Fill-In-The-Blanks!

Snow Word Search!

High and Low Pressure Systems Fill In The Blanks!

Waves and Tides Unscramble Words!

Make Your Own Slime!

Draw the Layers of Skin!

Draw a Comet!

Atom Model

Light Word Search

Formation of Fossils In Pictures!

Memory Mind Map!

Puzzling Pangaea!

Soap Molecules’ Portrait!

Analyze Your Hair!

Can Plants Grow In The Dark?

Wind Formation Fill-In-The-Blanks

Dwarf Planet Checklist!

Is It Renewable?

The Steps In Which Fossil Fuels Are Formed

Name the Parts of the Respiratory System!

The Three Types of Pollution Fill-in-the Blanks!

Types of Rocks!

Mineral Properties Match!

Cell Model!

Feeling Vibrations

Breathing Exercises

The Solar System Timeline!

Simple Machines All Around You!

Pop Bottle Rocket!

Clinical Research Word Search

Cloud Types Fact Cards