Episode Articles

These are articles that go with each episode! Use these to look beyond the episode!

April 2024 Total Solar Eclipse!

The Visible Light Spectrum!

What is the Fire Triangle?

Why Does Soap Make Our Skin Dry?

Absolute Zero Science!

What Are Memories?

What Are Vestigial Features?

How Do Planets Orbit Around The Sun?

The Science of Snow!

What Causes Tsunamis?

Why Do We Need Water?

How Do Plants Know When to Grow?

How Does Earth’s Tilt Cause Seasons?

How Plant Fossils Are Formed

What are the Layers of a Tree’s Bark?

Why Do Birds Migrate?

Diamonds vs. Graphite

What is a Supernova?

What Causes Meteor Showers?

How Do Hurricanes Form?

What Is A Biome?

Physical vs. Chemical Changes!

What is Salinity?


Why Do Plants Need Sunlight?

Why Do Onions Make Us Cry?

Chameleon Camouflage!

How Some Animals Glow In The Dark

Blue Whale Facts

How Tardigrades Survive in Extreme Conditions

How Are Black Holes Formed?

What Are Flying Fish?

Are Cement and Concrete the Same Thing?

Why Do Hummingbirds Hover?

How Speakers Work!

The Formation of the Moon


Why Are Coral Reefs Important?

How Does Earth Support Life?

All About DNA

What is the Carbon Cycle?

Cellular Respiration

What Are Cells?

Why Does Pollen Give Some People Allergies

Diving Peregrine Falcon


Cheetah Speed

Why Do Soap Bubbles Pop So Easily?

The 3 Types of Asteroids

Heat Transfer

Relaxing Odor of Freshly-Mown Grass? Think Again!

Solar and Lunar Eclipses


Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud

The Sense of Taste

The Formation of Mountains


High and Low Pressure Systems

The Formation of Waves

Polymers in Slime!


The Parts of a Comet



Formation of Fossils


The Movement of Tectonic Plates

The Magic of Soap


Why Are Leaves Green? Because of Chlorophyll

The Formation of Wind

Dwarf Planets

Renewable and Nonrenewable Natural Resources

Fossil Fuels


The Three Types of Pollution

The Rock Cycle

The Mineral Checklist


The Vocal Tract

Uncertainty During the Pandemic

The Sun and The Solar System!

Reducing Work/Energy to do Something Using Simple Machines!

Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion Helps Rockets Get Off the Ground

Placebos! – What They Are

The 4 Different Types of Clouds