What Is The Fire Triangle?

The Fire Triangle is a visual that represents what a fire needs to burn. Things like stoves, campfires, and ovens use the Fire Triangle to make food or keep warm. We are going to talk about each side of the Fire Triangle. If one of the items on the Fire Triangle is taken away, the fire won’t burn. A fire needs Oxygen (O2) gas to burn. The Oxygen helps start combustion which is what a fire uses to burn. This Oxygen can be found in the air that we breathe! A fire also needs fuel to burn. The fire needs to have fuel to make it spread, so it can be hot enough for cooking or keeping warm. The fuel is like food for the fire. When you add more fuel, the fire gets hotter. The last side of the triangle is heat. Heat is what causes the fuel to heat up and combust or catch fire. Heat is very important. Heat can come from the Sun or the striker on a matchbox.

Check out the Spectacular Science video about fire to learn more!

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