The Magnificent Layers of the Earth!!

Believe it or not, the Earth has layers just like an onion! Let’s start at the top. The part we walk on is called the crust. It is a thin layer that harbors life. Next, is the mantle. This layer is underneath the crust. Lot’s of minerals form in this area including diamonds and emeralds. The next layer is called the outer core. It is totally “out of this world”!! The outer core is literally “liquid metal”!! It is full of magma, which is hotter than the surface of the Sun!! The movement of the outer core creates the Earth’s Magnetic Field. This layer is where the magma seeps up into the crust and causes volcanoes!! The last layer of the Earth is a solid metal core. It is literally “heavy metal”. The solid inner core is mostly made of iron. Scientists are still looking to find out if there are any more layers. This is because we have not been able to dig past the crust.