Hide Your Chameleon!


  • Paper
  • Art supplies (color pencils, crayons markers, etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • An adult science helper!

Adult supervision is important for this activity.

Directions: Time to make your own chameleon and hide it! Chameleons camouflage in their environment. First, take note of the environment around you. Find places where your chameleon can hide. Then, draw a chameleon. You can have an adult find you a picture online as well. Then, color your chameleon to blend in with your environment. Then, hide it! Make sure to hide it in plain sight, even though it is blended in. Have an adult help you with this step. Then, have a friend or a family member try to find your chameleon!

Have an adult help you to send me pictures of your chameleon’s hiding spot by emailing me at