What are nerves?

A nerve is a cell in the body that transmits information through signals. They are linked together in chains. They are located mostly in the spinal cord and the brain.

What do nerves do?

Nerves transmit information like highways through signals to help your body function. For example if you want to talk, the brain will send signals through nerves to the vocal muscles and the vocal cords. They also help you sense pain. When you get pricked by a rose thorn for example, the nerves under your skin will send a message to your brain to feel pain.

Why are nerves important?

Nerves are important because they help you breathe and walk by sending signals to parts of the body.

Interesting Research About Connecting Computer to the

Nervous System:

There is some research going on to read the signals running between different nerves in your body to your brain. They can do this with computers.


nerve: a cell in the body that transmits information

cell: the building blocks of all living things

Article by: Akshay J.