Yeast is a eukaryote, a living thing, like us, and is a type of fungi. The cool thing about yeast is that it is a unicellular organism, or single-celled, but it has characteristics and can be compared to multicellular organisms like us humans. 

Yeast is definitely a living thing since it has the properties of life such as reproduction, obtaining nutrition and membrane bound organelles that help the yeast function.Yeast are members of the Fungus kingdom, but aren’t decomposers. 

Yeasts are used for various things. The most common use for yeast is in baking items such as bread, helping the bread rise in the oven. This is due to a process called fermentation, where sugars are converted to carbon dioxide and ethanol. Yeast plays a very important role in fermentation. 

Yeast is a very important part of our lives and we may not even notice but we use it every day.