Episode 48: Clouds! Fluffy Collections of Water Droplets

Playing the “Guess What Shape a Cloud is” game is very fun! But, have you ever stopped and wondered, what are clouds? On this episode, we are diving into the science of clouds! We will learn about the 4 types of clouds and what clouds really are. Fill out this form to tell us what you like about Spectacular Science! Go to https://spectacularsci.com/favorites-form/. Please contact this podcast by going to www.spectacularsci.com/contact.

Here is an article. It is called The 4 Different Types of Clouds! (https://spectacularsci.com/the-4-different-types-of-clouds/)

Here is an activity. It is called Spectacular Science Cloud Types Fact Cards! (https://spectacularsci.com/spectacular-science-cloud-types-fact-cards/)