Steve Spangler Science STEM Science Kit: Amazing Scientist!

I am a very big fan of Mr. Steve Spangler’s T.V. shows, science toys, and camps. When I got this “Amazing Scientist” kit, I was thrilled!!! This kit is just like it’s name, amazing!

The packaging was amazing! The box that the kit came in was very easy to open. The unboxing process took less than 30 seconds!

The box was filled with science goodies and supplies. The box also contained information cards that explained the science behind each experiment.

The information cards

In this kit, there are test tubes (with caps), a test tube rack, vegetable oil, a beaker, clear safety glasses, and colorful fizzing tablets.

What surprised me the most was that the test tubes were actually “baby” soda bottles or soda bottles before they are inflated!

Using the sturdy test tube rack, I set up my test tubes!

(Baby soda bottle) Test tube rack

This kit is a blast of color! Using the fizzing tablets, we get to experiment with color mixing without making a mess! We also use the test tubes to make lenses that make words look weird!

Fizzing tablet in water

Using the test tubes, vegetable oil, water, and our fizzing color tablets, we can make colorful lava lamps! These lava lamps are very interesting and fun to play with!!

From density, to colors, this kit has loads of fun.

This amazing science kit is the best!! It gives kids a hands-on experience with color and science! I highly recommend you to buy this product. I give this kit 5 stars!