Steve Spangler Science STEM Science Kit: Electricity Science!

This kit has it all: human circuits, conductors and insulators of electricity, and static electricity! With this kit, you have your own electricity lab!

The kit was packaged very neatly. The unboxing process took a small amount of time.

When I opened the box, I saw the science supplies and information cards that explained the science behind each experiment.

In the kit, there are small portion cups, aluminum foil, the Steve Spangler Science Energy Stick, Static Tube, latex balloons, and Energy Stick Probes. Using these materials, I set up my electricity lab.

The first experiment was using the Energy Stick. The Energy Stick is a great way to demonstrate conductors and insulators and is a fun way to make a human circuit! Using the probes, the Energy Stick becomes a tool to test out conductors and insulators! Please watch the video below to see what the Energy Stick can do.

The last investigation is static electricity! I blew up one of the latex balloons and rubbed it on my hair. Then, I put it near the Static Tube. The little pieces inside of the tube were attracted to the balloon! This is a great way to observe Static Electricity!

The fun doesn’t end there! You can use the fact cards to create your own experiments like the mysterious floating ring!

I highly recommend this toy to everyone! The science and fun combined is an unforgettable experience!