Why Is The Arctic Shrinking?

The Arctic, or the North Pole is actually shrinking! It’s ice thickness has reduced by 80% since 1980 and is rapidly reducing in size. This is all because of the rise in global temperatures due to Climate Change. Climate Change is when greenhouse gases like Carbon dioxide and Methane go into Earth’s atmosphere and trap the Sun’s heat. That makes the planet hotter. That causes the giant ice sheets on the North and South Poles to melt. This is really happening quickly in the Arctic. Scientists have noticed that using satellite images, the Arctic is actually shrinking in size every year! Since the ice is melting and turning into water, the sea levels are rising. This can lead to flooding and destruction of habitats. The melting of permafrost also contributes to more Climate Change as it melts because it produces Methane as it melts. That is why scientists and researchers are looking for a way to slow down this Climate Change problem!!