The 100th Episode of Spectacular Science! – Music and the Brain

This is the 100th episode of Spectacular Science! This is a very big milestone for this podcast. In this episode, Akshay is celebrating the 100th episode of Spectacular Science with a musical spectacular! In this episode, Akshay talks to Dr. Alan Harvey from the University of Western Australia about how the brain processes music. Akshay also talks to Charan Ramachandran, a musician, about how he makes music. Charan has created many of the songs you hear on this podcast such as the theme song! Charan’s music is amazing!

This is the end of season 4 of this podcast! We will be back with new episodes for season 5 on August 23rd, 2022.

I am so happy that this podcast has gotten so far and I really want to thank you, my listeners! My mission when starting this podcast was to spread the spectacular things about science to kids and share the wonders of science with the world. I really need your help to keep spreading science and this podcast. Share this podcast with all of your friends and family and ask them to follow this podcast! This really supports me and encourages me a lot. Thank you!

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