Episode 165: The Science of Color! How We See It

Colors are all around you. Without the colors that we see, life would be very different. How do humans see colors and what goes on in our brain to give us these colors? In this episode, I take you behind science of light and color, and explore the fascinating world of color perception. Plus, I will walk you through a colorful science experiment!

This is the final episode of Season 6! I will be back with brand new episodes and Season 7 on Tuesday, March 26th, 2024.

Here is an article! It is called “The Visible Light Spectrum!” (https://spectacularsci.com/2024/02/visible-light-spectrum/)

Here is an activity! It is called “Separate Marker Colors Activity!” It is the activity shown in the episode! (https://spectacularsci.com/2024/02/separate-colors-activity/)

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