Episode 166: Sugarcane Waste to Sugarcrete! With Ms. Oluchukwu Okonkwo

Over 2 billion tons of sugarcane is produced around the world. When it is processed, waste is generated. This waste sits there or gets burned, polluting the environment. But, scientists at University of East London have figured out a way to turn the waste into Sugarcrete, construction materials made of sugarcane. In this episode, I will be talking to Ms. Oluchukwu Okonkwo, a research assistant for Sugarcrete at the Sustainability Research Institute, about this sustainable building material and how it works.

Sugarcrete was a nominee of the Earthshot Prize 2023 and winner of Green Cross Climate Positive Award 2023. Sugarcrete has also earned multiple awards recognizing the innovation and sustainability in this product.

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