Episode 173: The Northern Lights in the South! What Happened Last Week?

Last Friday, May 10th, people from around the US, Canada, and Europe looked to the skies to see something amazing. The Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, was putting on a show. It wasn’t just another aurora, but this one was visible in places such as Georgia, Florida, and New York! How did the Northern Lights come this far down south? In this episode, I will be taking you into the science of solar storms, and go this rare phenomenon happened.

Here’s an article! It is called “How Auroras Happen!” (https://spectacularsci.com/2024/05/how-auroras-happen/)

Here’s an activity! It is called “Auroras – Labelling Worksheet Activity” (https://spectacularsci.com/2024/05/auroras-labelling-worksheet-activity/)

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