Episode 178: How Did The Moon Form? The Story of Earth’s Moon

Earth’s moon is the spotlight of the night sky. It’s been Earth’s best friend for over 4 billion years. How did the Moon form in the first place? What theories do scientists have about the Moon and how it formed? In this episode, I will take you into the story of how the Moon formed, why humans are exploring the Moon, and more about Earth’s best friend!

Learn more about NASA’s Artemis Moon missions here! (https://nasa.gov/feature/artemis/)

Here’s an article! It is called “How Moons Form!” (https://spectacularsci.com/2024/06/how-moons-form/)

Here’s an activity! It is called “How Did The Moon Form? Activity” (https://spectacularsci.com/2024/06/moon-formation-activity/)

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