Episode 25: Season 1 FINALE!! – Masking Up For Safety

This episode is the Season 1 Finale! We are so happy that this podcast in 1 Season old! To wrap up the 1st season of the podcast and the year of 2020, we are talking about 2020’s greatest fashion statement, MASKS!! We will talk about how masks protect us from catching COVID-19 and other viruses. Also, we have received several responses from listeners telling us what their favorite episode from Season 1 was. We will share what the listeners said! This will be a big celebration party of Season 1!! NOTE: We now have a contact form!! Go to www.spectacularsci.com/contact and fill out the form! After you have filled it out, click “Send Message” to submit your message. We will get back to you as soon as possible! Please click on the link to a form! Please fill it out to tell us what you like about Spectacular Science!! Link: https://spectacularsci.com/favorites-form/