The Effects of Climate Change

NOTE: Check out our episode about Climate Change to learn more!

What is Climate Change?

Climate Change is when the Earth’s temperature changes because of the environment. The temperature is changing because of Greenhouse Gases. These gases are produced whenever we burn stuff like gasoline for our cars. These gases trap the heat from the Sun in the atmosphere. This causes the planet to heat up.

What are The Effects of Climate Change?

One effect of Climate Change is a hotter climate. Since the Greenhouse Gases heat the planet up, the weather will get hotter. We may also get extreme natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires. The very scary effect of Climate Change is the melting of the North and South Poles!!! The planet gest hotter which means that the ice in the two Poles will melt. This will cause the sea levels to rise. This could really cause problems for our planet. We have to do something about it before it’s too late.