Physical Changes of Matter

NOTE: Check out our episode on Matter to learn more!

NOTE: We are going to write about Chemical Changes of Matter tomorrow!


Matter is anything that takes up space in the universe. Everything is made of atoms, which are tiny packets of material. Matter comes in three states: solids, liquids, and gases.

What are Physical Changes?

Physical Changes are any change in physical properties. Some physical properties are size, shape, color, and texture. Physical Changes do NOT form a new substance. The substance stays the same, but it changes some of its physical properties. Sometimes, physical changes can be reversed like when you tape a piece of ripped paper together. Some examples of Physical Changes are ripping paper, painting a wall blue, breaking glass, and cutting wood.

Try It!


a piece of paper

your hands, pencil/pen

Directions: Do anything to the paper. You can fold it, crumple it, or color on it. Whatever you’ve done to the paper (except burning it) it is a Physical Change!