The Properties of Light


Reflection is the first property of light. This is when light bounces off a surface. Did you know that every time you see something, light is reflecting off the thing you are looking at! Light can bounce off smooth surfaces in a much orderly way and you can see your reflection on the surface, like a mirror or pond!


Refraction is another property of light. It is when light bends or changes direction. This happens when the light moves through air, and then moves through water. It is the change of the medium or the thing the light is travelling through. Telescopes work by refracting or bending light. Check out our episode to find out more!! You can demonstrate refraction when you put a pencil in a clear glass of water. The pencil appears to be bent or broken because of refraction!


Absorption is the last property of light. This is when light gets absorbed by the thing it is hitting. This is how you can see color! The color of the object reflects into your eyes and the other colors get absorbed by the object!