What is a Tornado?

Tornadoes are a rotating column of air that spins very fast. They are made up of a giant cloud that stretches from above to the ground. Tornadoes can have violent winds and lots of rain. Tornadoes can do lots of damage, so it is important to take shelter during a tornado.

How are Tornadoes Formed?

Tornadoes are usually formed in severe thunderstorms. In the thunderstorm, there can be warm air and cold air. The warm air rises and the cold air sinks. That rising and sinking pattern creates rotation. This only happens sometimes. The spinning part actually is laid on it’s side. Strong winds from the storm tilt the tornado into a swirling column of clouds. That is how a tornado forms. Tornadoes can have high winds which can be damaging. It is important to stay safe by going to the interior room or the basement of your house or apartment. You should also bring a mattress ot pillows to protect you from flying debris.