How Do Clouds Move Around The World?

What are Clouds?

Clouds are large collections of water droplets that can be frozen, but only sometimes. They form due to condensation, when water evaporates into a gas and cools down above the Earth. Then, the water drops attach to pieces of dust or dirt that are above the Earth. As more droplets attach to one piece of debris, they form a water drop. Then, when the cloud gets heavy and full of water, it rains or snows!

How Do Clouds Move Around the World?

Clouds can travel up to hundreds miles! They usually travel because of upper-level winds and through the Jet Stream. The Jet Stream is a huge blanket of air in Earth’s atmosphere that moves clouds and storms around. Clouds can also move around due to hurricanes. Hurricanes can travel up to 3,000 miles! They can carry storm clouds from Africa, all the way to the United States! This is how clouds move around the world.