How Do Flowers Turn Into Fruits?

What are Flowers?

Flowers are an assortment of petals and pollen that a plant produces to reproduce. The pollen of a flower contains the genetic information to make seeds and new plants. Besides being pretty, flowers actually make fruits possible! Flowers are very important to plants and even us! Flowers help attract pollinators to the flowers so that an animal can spread the pollen from one flower to the next. That helps new plants grow. Flowers also make fruit, which is what we humans always eat! Flowers are very important for planet Earth!

How Do Flowers on a Plant Turn Into Fruits?

When a flower forms on a plant, it has pollen inside of it. When that pollen gets transferred from one flower to the next, it activates a cell inside of the plant that makes the flower wilt. Then, the bud, from which the flower used to grow from, fills up with sugars. That starts to making the fruit. Then, when the fruit fully ripens, it’s ready to eat by humans and other animals.