Episode 52: Simple Machines All Around Us!

How do cranes that build buildings move? How do people with wheelchairs get up stairs? How do your joints move? They all use simple machines. On this episode, we are talking about simple machines and what they are. When you’re finished with this episode, you will come out with a totally different point-of-view about the science around you! Please fill out this poll to tell us which simple machine you encounter the most in your life. (https://spectacularsci.com/simple-machines-poll/) We will post the results of the poll soon. Please contact this podcast by going to www.spectacularsci.com/contact.

To learn more, read this article about Reducing Work/Energy to do Something Using Simple Machines! (https://spectacularsci.com/reducing-work-energy/)

Here is a fun activity! It is called Simple Machines All Around You! (https://spectacularsci.com/simple-machines-all-around-you/)