Why are Some Fruits Multi-Layered and Protected?

What are Fruits?

Fruits are pieces of plants that have sugar inside of them. They don’t always have to be sweet to be a fruit! Fruits have either of these two things: seeds or come from flowering plants. The entire purpose of fruits is to help the plant reproduce. The seeds help the plants make more plants. If there are seeds in the fruit that you have, it is definitely a fruit! Some fruits don’t have seeds. You can also tell is something is a fruit by finding out if the thing comes from a flowering plant. Fruits need pollen to grow and flowers have that pollen. Flowers change into fruits! Some fruits are apples, cucumbers, or even tomatoes!

Some fruits are multi-layered because they have to protect the seeds inside of them. The seeds can’t be harmed while they are still developing, so the fruit makes peels and layers to protect the seeds inside.