Owls! Amazing Birds

Owls are nocturnal birds that live on every continent, except Antarctica. They are flying birds that eat small rodents and other small birds. Owls are carnivores, meaning that they ONLY eat meat.

Owls are almost like superheroes! They have many amazing powers. They have very big eyes that help them see in the dark. This is because they are nocturnal animals, which means that the sleep all day and wake up in the night. They can also turn their heads 270° without damaging their blood vessels and nerves! Imagine being able to see what’s lurking to the side AND what is behind you! Owls are also excellent hunters. Owls have special feathers on their wings that when they flap their wings, it does NOT make any sound!! Owls also have satellite dish shaped ears that help them hear things from far away.

Fun Owl Facts!!!

  • The smallest owl is called the burrowing owl. It is roughly 1 foot tall!!!
  • Some owls’ ears are placed in uneven places on their head so that they can hear better!
  • There is a species of owl called the Snowy Owl. It can survive in below 0°F temperatures!!
  • A group of owls is called a parliament!!!
  • There are around 200 different species of owls!!!!
  • Owls have eyes that are taking up almost a quarter of their face!!

Owls are one of the most adaptable animals because they range from the desert, the plains, to rainforests! They also adapt to being nocturnal with all of the owl superpowers that we wrote about earlier!