The History of the Internet!

The Internet is what you are using right NOW to read this blog post! The Internet is a series of computers that are linked together. Today, millions of computers are linked together around the world! Internet can be accessed everywhere from your house, to your school, to your local library! Servers are computers that store websites or movies like this website,! “WWW” stands for World Wide Web which means that the websites can be visible worldwide. The servers send data to your computer so that you can watch movies, listen to podcasts, or even visit websites!

The Internet is just a network of computers that communicate. In the 1900’s, the Internet was a series of computers that the U.S. military used. Then later in the 1960’s, the Internet expanded to giant computers in universities that communicate. Only a few people had access to the Internet at this time. Now, lots of people have access to the Internet because computers have become more common and portable. This is the history of the Internet.