What is Lead Contamination?

Lead (pronounced l-e-d) contamination is when Lead, a poisonous chemical gets into the water that we drink or take baths in. Water can dissolve materials very easily. This is bad because Lead in our pipes leaks into the water. Some pipes that bring water into our homes are made out of Lead. Normally, that is okay because the pipes have special chemicals that line them that prevent the Lead from leaking in the water. Sometimes, those chemicals get worn out and Lead starts seeping into our water. Lead contamination has only been found in faucet water. In the recent years, Lead contamination has skyrocketed! Remember, not all homes have Lead pipes, only some do. You can keep you and your family members safe in many ways. First, do not use the faucet water for drinking. Install a filter that will filter the water before you drink it. Also, check with your local community to see if there are Lead pipes leading to your home. These are just a few ways to help keep you and your family members safe.