What Is Glue Made Of?

Glue is any liquids that can be applied to a surface and harden over time. Glue can be used for crafts, construction, or even surgery! Different types of glue are used for different purposes. Organic glue is made out of organic compounds, but we are going to focus on synthetic glue. Synthetic glue, which is the glue that we use today is made out of polymers. Polymers are certain materials that have atoms that are bonded together in a link pattern. Atoms are the tiny building blocks of all elements. When atoms bond together, like in polymers, they form molecules! The atoms in polymers have chains of atoms that help make polymers flexible, moldable, and strong. The glue is able to stick because the polymers join together to create a bond. That bond makes glue dry and makes it stick things together! That is what glue is made out of: lots of polymers!