What Is Light?

Light is a type of energy that is made up of tiny particles called photons. These photons can zip around the universe at very high speeds! The speed of light is the ultimate universe speed limit, up to 180,000 miles per second! The regular light you see is actually made up of different colors of light! The Visible Light Spectrum is all of the colors in white light! White light from the Sun and the lights in your house has all of the colors of the Rainbow! The Visible Light Spectrum contains the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. The Visible Light Spectrum is not a thing you can see all the time. If you really want to see examples of the Visible Light Spectrum, you can see it in two ways: rainbows and a tool called a prism. Rainbows are formed by raindrops bending light. As the rain drops bend the Visible Light, you can see the colors of the spectrum. Prisms are a piece of plastic or glass that bend white light and you can see the spectrum colors!