Why Do Dogs Pant When They Are Hot?

Dogs are very playful animals! But, when they play a lot and get hot, you may notice that they start panting. Panting is when dogs inhale and exhale fast! Dogs also stick their tongues out while doing this! This is because dogs do not have an effective system of sweat glands like people do. They only sweat out of their paws. The reason they only sweat through their paws is because most of their body is covered in fur. That means¬†that the sweat would not be able to evaporate and the fur would absorb the sweat back. That wouldn’t cool off the dog! That is why dogs have their sweat glands on their paws so that they can cool off easily!! Panting helps dogs cool down by circulating moisture (water) off of their tongues and out of their mouth. They are able to circulate the hot air and moisture out of their bodies and bring in cool air and moisture from outside. That is why dogs pant to cool off!!