What Makes Some Plastics Clear?

Plastic is a type of polymer. Polymers are certain materials that have atoms that are bonded together in a link pattern. Atoms are the tiny building blocks of all elements. When atoms bond together, like in polymers, they form molecules! Poly means many and mer or mers means units. Polymers means many units! A great example of a human-made polymer is plastic! Plastic is made when the oil is refined or cleaned up. Then, the oil goes into a special machine that develops the polymer structure. Then, the thick mixture is melted and cooled. That makes the plastic hard. Then, the long strips of plastic are cut up into pellets. Those pellets are shipped off to manufacturers so that they can use them. Manufacturers use molds shaped like the products to make their products. They re-melt the pellets and pour them into the molds. When the plastic cools, it it now the shape of the product! Some plastic is clear like the plastic in clear containers and bags. This is done by making the plastic and the crystals smooth and orderly. When this happens, the plastic is able to let light pass through it which makes it clear!