Episode 129: For Crying Out Loud! Why Onions Make Us Cry

You’re in the kitchen chopping onions, then suddenly, you start crying! No, it’s not because you are hurt but is because of the onion. Why do onions make us cry? In this episode, Akshay is making his signature Soup of Imagination in his kitchen. He starts chopping onions for his soup and starts crying! In this episode, Akshay uncovers the hidden mysteries of the onion’s amazing defensive system!

Here is an article! It is called “Why Do Onions Make Us Cry”. (https://spectacularsci.com/2022/02/why-do-onions-make-us-cry/)

Here is an activity! It is called “The Onion’s Reason for Defense Discovery Quest”. (https://spectacularsci.com/onion-cry-discovery-quest/)