Behold, The Great Water Cycle!!!

The water cycle is like an amusement park ride for water. It is why it rains and why there is water in the ocean.


Evaporation is when water evaporates from the ground. This is when the sunlight heats the water and turns it into a gas called water vapor.


Condensation is when the water vapor rises in the air and gets cooler. This causes it to turn back into a liquid. This process forms clouds.


Precipitation is when the liquid water falls to the ground. This happens when a cloud becomes heavy and all the water will fall to the ground.


Run-off is when precipitation (snow, rain sleet, or hail) hits the ground and drains into rivers, lakes, and oceans. This run-off is what causes accumulations or build-ups of water.

Why is the Water Cycle Important?

The Water Cycle is important because it circulates water throughout the Earth.Without the Water Cycle, life could not exist!