The Nervous System: A Chain of Communicative Cells!!

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What is the Nervous System?

The nervous system is the collection of all the nerves in your body and its function is to receive and send information on what’s going with the body. The nervous system includes your brain and spinal cord. Your brain and spinal cord are the centers where the information is being sent and received.

Why is it Called the Nervous System?

It is called the nervous system because it is a system of nerves that run throughout your body. Your nervous system does play a role in making you feel nervous!

Why Do Animals Like Humans Need the Nervous System??

Without the nervous system your organs and other body parts would not be able to work so it is very important. Your nervous system allows you to move your hands, legs, or any body part. It also allows you to breathe and eat as well as being able to use any of your 5 senses. These are just some of the things it does for us in our daily lives. Your brain and spinal cord send signals to all parts of your body letting them know what they should do and also receiving info from your body parts if anything is going wrong.