Brain Freezes! Sphenopalatine Ganglion Neuralgia!!

To learn more, check out this article about the SPG nerves!

What is a Brain Freeze?

A brain freeze is an informal term for Sphenopalatine Ganglion Neuralgia. It is when the blood vessels in your brain expand to cause a headache! This is all caused SPG nerves. These nerves are at the back of your mouth and are very sensitive to cold foods like ice cream. When the cold food hits them, the nerves send a message to your brain telling the blood vessels in your skull to expand because it is getting too cold.

How to Prevent a Brain Freeze

Here are some steps you can take to prevent/cure a brain freeze.

  1. When you eat something cold, put your tongue on the back of your mouth.
  2. Say something while your tongue is on the roof of your mouth.
  3. You should feel your headache starting to go away because the SPG nerves warm up causing the blood vessels to return to their normal shape.