River Deltas!

What is a River Delta?

A River Delta is a type of wetland where a river flows into a larger body of water like an ocean or lake. Deltas can be different sizes. They can be between a 100 feet to 500 miles!! Delatas are some of most Biodiverse landforms! Biodiverse means that there is a variety of animal and plant life in a specific area. Some of the most rare animals and plants live in or around Deltas! Many Deltas are being destroyed by humans, which means that we have to work hard to save them!

How Do River Deltas Shape the Earth?

River Deltas do something called soil deposition. That means that as the wetland river flows into the ocean, tiny bits of oil and rocks are taken to the ocean. Over time, this rocks and soil can build up to make NEW land! This process take millions of years to happen because the rock and the soil have to flow into the ocean and harden to create new land. Deltas have shaped the Earth a lot.