The 3 Types of Pollution

What is Pollution?

Pollution is when humans and other animals cause harm to environment. They can spill harmful chemicals or throw waste everywhere. Pollution can cause harm to the living things on Earth. There are 3 main types of pollution: land pollution, water pollution, and air pollution. We are going to talk about each type.

Land Pollution

Land pollution is when humans spill or throw things that are not natural on the land. This can cause harm. Many people litter on land which can be toxic to plants and animals. Humans also dump toxic chemicals onto land. That means that other animals, plants, and even humans can get affected by it. Land pollution is a very big problem.

Water Pollution

Water pollution is when humans dump trash and harmful or toxic chemicals into waterways like oceans, streams, rivers, and ponds. This trash and chemicals can cause problems for marine life. This trash can also come back to humans! When humans drink water, the water MAY be polluted! This is also a very big problem in the world.

Air Pollution

Air pollution is when humans put toxic chemicals or smoke into the air. This can make our air dirty. This can lead to breathing problems for humans and other animals. Plants can also be harmed because the air that they bring i is not clean. This is a very big problem in big cities and a leading cause of Climate Change.