Plants and Flowers: Two Important Things in Nature


 Plants and trees are all around us. They are the grass you run on and the trees that are towering above you. Trees are large plants that have a long life cycle. That’s why they are so big. The parts of trees are roots, the trunk, branches, and leaves. The leaves take in carbon dioxide and sunlight. The roots suck up water and nutrients. That is then turned into sugar and oxygen that the tree can feed on. Trees can make their own food. This is called photosynthesis. Plants are smaller versions of trees. They have the same life cycle but the life cycle takes less time. The parts of a plant are roots, stem, and leaves. They also use photosynthesis. Plants and trees are critical to our existence. They provide us with oxygen so that we can breathe. Trees and some plants give us shade on hot days. Trees and plants are very important and they help us survive.  


Flowers are an assortment of petals and pollen that a plant produces to reproduce. The pollen of a flower contains the genetic information to make seeds and new plants. Besides being pretty, flowers actually make fruits possible! A fruit is what is left after a flower dies and sugar is put into the dead flower bulb. Thank flowers for all of the fruits you eat! Flowers are very important to plants and even us! Flowers help attract pollinators to the flowers so that an animal can spread the pollen from one flower to the next. That helps new plants grow. Flowers also make fruit, which is what we humans always eat! Flowers are very important for planet Earth!