Spectacular Science DEBATE POST!!: Solar Eclipse vs. Lunar Eclipses

This blog post is another a debate showdown! We take topics and make them into a debate!! Today’s topic is… Solar Eclipses vs. Lunar Eclipses! Remember, please send us what side you agree with going to www.spectacularsci.com/debateform and fill out our form!

Solar Eclipses

A Solar Eclipse is a natural phenomenon when the Moon blocks part of or the full Sun when viewed from Earth. Solar Eclipses only happen about 2-4 times every year. This includes from different parts of the world! Total Solar Eclipses are very rare. A Solar Eclipse happens in a specific time of the Earth and the Moon’s orbit. An orbit is when an object circles around another larger object using gravity. When the Moon and the Earth are in the right place relative to the Sun, a Solar Eclipse happens! The Moon blocks part or the whole Sun! A Total Solar Eclipse is very rare and a spectacular phenomenon. It happens when the ENTIRE moon blocks the WHOLE SUN!!!!! This happens around the world at different times. This can only be seen in 100 years after the Total Eclipse that had happened.

Lunar Eclipses

A Lunar Eclipse is when the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow. The Sun is shining on the Earth and the Moon is behind the Earth. This causes the Moon to appear like it has changed color! No, the Moon does NOT change color. It appears to do that because the light is refracted or the light changes direction when it goes up to the Moon. Lot’s of specific colors are reflected during this. In a Blood Red Moon, red light is mostly reflected. And, the same for a Blue Moon, blue light is mostly reflected. This is kind of like a Sunset.