Sir Isaac Newton’s Second Law of Motion!

NOTE: Check out the previous post about Isaac Newton’s first law of motion.

What is Isaac Newton’s Second Law of Motion?

Sir Isaac Newton’s first law of motion is basically an action that Sir Isaac Newton, a famous scientist and mathematician, observed in the universe. The word “law” just means that this statement applies to all thing, not matter what size. The second law of motion states that…

The force on an object is equal to the size or mass of the object, times acceleration or speed.

This basically means that in order to move an object, it depends on the size and weight of object and how hard someone or something is pushing (acceleration). Below are some examples of the second law in action!

  • Riding a bike (the bike’s size and weight is the mass and your leg muscles produce the acceleration)
  • Pushing or pulling any object!
  • Hitting a baseball or tennis ball with a bat or racket (your muscles are the acceleration and the ball is the mass of the object)