Renewable Natural Resources

A natural resource is any resource that occurs in nature that is used for survival, energy, or to make money for countries. Certain places on Earth have different types or different amounts of natural resources. These resources can be anything from coal to fruits to sunlight! Read our post about natural resources to learn more!

Renewable resources are resources that can be replaced and do not run out. Renewable means that we can constantly renew or make/get more of these resources. They can be replaced in a human lifetime or less. Examples of renewable resources are water, sunlight, and wind. These natural resources are all around us and do not run out. These natural resources can be used to produce energy because they are always around us. There might be more sunlight or wind in a specific place, but there is at least some of the natural resource in an area. Renewable resources do not really pollute the environment and come from the natural world. Renewable resources are also much cleaner than nonrenewable resources. This is what a renewable resource is!