Why Do Some People Have Pollen Allergies?

Pollen is a sticky substance that is found inside of most flowering plants. Pollen is in the middle of the flower of the plant. Pollen is attached to long structures called stamens and smaller structures called pistils. This pollen helps make new plants grow through a process called pollination. That is when pollen is transferred from one flower to another. Pollen can stick to animals that help it get pollinated. Pollen is very important! Only some people are allergic to pollen. People have allergies, which means that their bodies do not tolerate or let in a specific material or food. Pollen is very small and sticky. When you inhale the pollen, it gets stuck in your nose. Your nose tries to get rid of the pollen and uses sneezes to blast the pollen back into the air. Your eyes can also get itchy because your eyes are trying to protect themselves from the pollen.