Why Will Your Weight Change If You Are On Another Planet?

Go to projects.spectacularsci.com/calculate-your-weight-on-planets to try out my new weight calculator on planets! This will tell you how much you will weigh if you are on another planet in the Solar System!

If you try out the calculator, you might notice that your Earth weight differs from planet to planet! But, why does that happen? It is all because of gravity and the size of the planet. Smaller planets, like Mercury and Mars, have less mass, meaning that they have less gravity. Mass is the amount of matter inside of an object. Since the gravity is lighter, there is less force keeping you from floating out in space. That means that if you were to stand on one of the smaller planets, your weight would be lighter because there the gravity is weaker. On the other hand, giant planets, like Jupiter and Saturn, have more mass meaning that they have a stronger gravity. That is why if you try out Jupiter or Saturn on the weight calculator, the converted weight is very high!