May 15-16 – Amazing Lunar Eclipse!

Yesterday was a total lunar eclipse over the United States! I was very excited for this eclipse to happen! Just a refresher, a lunar eclipse is when Earth’s shadow is cast on the Moon. This causes the Moon to appear red because of the light being scattered on Earth. This is called the “Blood Moon”.

Before the eclipse, the Moon starts out as a normal full Moon. Then, the partial lunar eclipse begins. After this, it starts to look like a big bite has been taken out of the Moon! This is when the Moon enters the Earth’s umbra or the darkest part of Earth’s shadow. Then, comes totality, when the entire Moon is in Earth’s umbra or shadow. As this happens, we see the “Blood Moon”!! The Moon turns red starts getting brighter and brighter. After that, the Moon exits the umbra and turns back into a normal full moon!!