Is There Life on Venus? Maybe Not

NOTE: Check out our blog post called Cloud Aliens on Venus!!! This is an update to that post.

What Did Scientists Find That Made Them Say That Life Is On Venus???

Scientists thought earlier that the clouds of Venus contained a chemical called Phosphine. Phosphine is when one Phosphorus atom is bonded or connected to three Hydrogen atoms. Scientists thought that the presence Phosphine means that life could exist, but that’s not the case now.

What Changed Scientists’ Minds?

This discovery was made using special telescopes. The telescopes detected the chemical Phosphine in the clouds of Venus. Whenever a discovery is made, the experiment or finding something has to be replicable or repeatable by other scientist using the same materials or tools. This discovery was NOT replicable by scientists all over the world. This doesn’t mean that there is no life on Venus, it means that scientists have to get more proof to say for sure.