What are Bacteria?

Bacteria are single-celled organisms or living things. They are also called microorganisms. They are called this because microorganisms are living things that can not be seen with the naked eye. Bacteria can be good for you or bad for you. We are going to learn about the good and bad about bacteria.

How Do Bacteria Help Us?

Bacteria can help us in different ways. Some help us digest the food that we eat! They live inside of our digestive tract and help absorb the nutrients from what we eat. Some bacteria also turn milk into cheese or yogurt by breaking it down. Bacteria are decomposers which means they can break down plant and animal waste to make fertile soil for growing.

How Do Bacteria Harm Us?

Some bacteria can make us sick. Bacteria can contaminate water and cause diseases like Cholera. Bacteria can also enter through paper cuts to make you sick with a bacterial infection. Scientists have lucklily developed a way to fight off these bacterial bugs using Antibiotics.