Spectacular Science DEBATE POST!!!: Viruses – Are They Alive or Not?

This blog post is a debate showdown! We take topics and make them into a debate!! Today’s topic is…Viruses – Are they alive or not?

Viruses are Living!

Viruses are living because they are able to reproduce, just like other living things. They reproduce by injecting their DNA and RNA makeup into a host cell. Another reason they are alive is because they have cells. The cells DO NOT have the same cell structure as other living things, but cells are in every living thing. This is why viruses are living.

Viruses are Non-Living!

Viruses are non-living because they DO NOT metabolize food for energy. Metabolizing is when a living thing gets nutrients from their food in the form of Carbon. Another reason that viruses are non-living is because they are a dormant particle. This means that they are only alive when they are in a host cell. The last reason that a virus is non-living is because viruses don’t have all of the cell structures as other living things. This shows that viruses don’t have normal cells like other living things. This is why viruses are not living.

Scientists are still not sure if viruses are alive or not.

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