FUN Fact Session!!

We are writing a special blog post that has 10 FUN Facts!! So without further ado, the FUN Fact session!!

FUN Facts!!!

  1. Did you know that… if you stacked up all of the viruses in the world, it would be tall enough to reach the Moon!!!
  2. Did you know that… the Grand Canyon in Arizona can hold the ENTIRE human population on Earth inside of it!!
  3. The tallest… tree in the world is Hyperion, a Coast Redwood tree in California that is 379 feet tall!!
  4. Humans are… the ONLY animals that enjoy spicy foods. Other animals don’t have the neurons that tell them that a hot pepper is painfully uncomfortable.
  5. The oldest… tree in the world is Methuselah, a Bristle cone Pine tree that has been growing for 4,852 years!!
  6. Did you know that… The Statue of Liberty was originally the same color as a penny? The Statue of Liberty turned green because the copper changed color because of the salty air.
  7. Did you know that.. a 6 year-old child can stand in the left artery of a Blue Whale!!
  8. The biggest… river in the world is the Amazon River in South America. It is over 4,000 miles in length!!
  9. The largest… drop height of a waterfall in the world is called Angel Falls. This is Venezuela with a drop height of 2,648 feet!!
  10. The largest… desert in the world is Antarctica!! Antarctica is considered a desert because it only receives a little bit of rain or snow each year!! It is also very dry!!

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